That would be me

That would be me

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drowning in the To-Do

When the To is longer than you can Do.


Memorizing Lines

Address Changes

Doctor's Appointments

Big Moves



Arranging Details

Planning New Year's Blow Outs


Writing articles and Editing the Newsletter


Each of these things sound great and totally workable – until they all need to happen simultaneously.

I am not complaining; I usually live my life with 15 balls in the air, but this week the 15 balls are all clamoring for more attention than usual and I am just having a harder time keeping them all up in the air. This is all just to say that I may not be up to my standard 5-7 blogs a week this week.

Try not to be TOO disappointed though. With this much to do, there will be much to write about later and I am sure SOMETHING will happen that you will find entertaining. Plus the Newsletter is coming out Thursday.

See you on the other side of the chaos.

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