That would be me

That would be me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Pressure Though

When the nerves get the better of you, DO something.

A casting director from one of the Big Seattle Theatres has reservations to see The Last 5 Years. AND she have them on a day that only had 2 reservations. Hers!

So what does Sami do?

Well, panics (of course).

Think about it. An audience of two – ONE of which is a VIP – would NOT make for a very relaxed Sami during performance. First of all, since she does NOT currently know what the casting director looks like, if there are only two audience members Sami could probably guess quickly WHO that CD is and would NOT be able to focus since her brain would be too busy trying to see if sad CD was having a good time. SECONDLY, if there are only two people in the audience then how would the CD know just how funny Sami can be (since there would be no one else there to laugh at the silly bits). Third, Holy Crap – Launch is working . . . NOW WHAT????

Clearly an audience of two just won't do.

So Sami sprung into action – like the producing super hero that she is.

We offered 2 for 1 tickets for that performance, offered some free tickets at Seattle Comp Tickets, gave some tickets away on Facebook and plugged the living daylights out of that show.

And now we have at least an audience of 18 and Sami can live with that.

NOW. If only she can live THROUGH it.

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