That would be me

That would be me

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A show of support

Who needs an audience filled with strangers, when you can have one filled with friends!

Last night, we had the benefit show for Gold From Straw in Tacoma. We figured that we would have a pretty decent turn out (since that is MUCH closer to home) but did not expect the outpouring of love that greeted us.

To be perfectly frank, I was the most nervous about last night's show. When you go to a show where you don't know anyone in the cast there is always a different expectation than when you see one that friends are involved in. If you just go to a "stranger" show, there is no expectation on you to like it. You can go in and just feel about it any old way because you have no one to answer to. It just isn't the same when you go support friends. You hope and pray your friends don't suck; that you will be able to find SOMETHING nice to say in case they do. That the production surprises you in some way. When friends come to see YOU in a show, there is that expectation on you as well. They hope you don't stink (or they hope you DO which is a different issue entirely).

Last night, I could feel crossed fingers and support the moment I came on stage. I could just tell that those people were in the audience out of love, to support me and The Bruce in our ridiculously frightening experiment. They sent love to our orchestra. They laughed, applauded, oohed and aaahed and went with us the whole way. It felt like they were in the show with us.

It was completely emotional and overwhelming.

Thank you, dear friends, so much for coming out and wishing us well. You will never know just how much that meant to us.

Love and all that jazz!

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  1. It was exactly the crowd you needed to just reiterate to you just how great you and The Bruce are. This show is fantastic and it's just been an unfortunate siding of fate that has preventing the right audience from embracing the show thus far.

    This show is FANTASTIC! Believe in that.