That would be me

That would be me

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, will you look at that.

When one fantastic week is followed by another.    

Last week, I felt invincible (mostly). The opening weekend went great, I felt VERY good about several auditions and my kids were well behaved (again . . . mostly). The relationship is continuing to be the best of my life. The move to Seattle is progressing. Life seemed to be just about where I want it to be. Now, I will admit that everything is not perfect. Too many things are "up in the air" and there are some really tough decisions that need to be made but overall, life is pretty doggone great.

Surely this lucky streak can't continue, I thought.

Then I got cast in my THIRD dream role this year AND got a call from one of the Big Seattle Theatres that their casting director is coming to see "The Last 5 Years" this weekend. Holy Crap!!

And it is only Tuesday!

Well, I am not sure if the lucky streak will go on indefinitely, but I am certainly enjoying it while I have it.

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