That would be me

That would be me

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Keep a Lid on it

Sami is PISSED and is trying not to take it out on anyone.

Normally I am one to take things pretty well in stride but the last few days have just been bound and determined to set me OFF. First of all, a dear friend is being abused by a castmate and someone closer to my life than I would like is being less than civil about certain proceedings.

Maybe on a normal week these two things would be able to roll off my back the way so many other things have done but under the strain of finances and the move and the new show, I just don't have the energy to fight off the temper goblins.

Then I have to go and read that a sudden increase in anger and temper can actually signify perimenopause. PLUS it turns out that women who have fits of rage score higher on pain scales than women who don't – whether or NOT they have fibromyalgia.

Well, that sucks now, don't it?

We just can't have that. If Sami starts to hurt, THAT tends to send her into a rage so if that rage were then to cause MORE pain well then . . . laws would be broken and that just will not do. Plus Sami is NOT old enough for perimenopause. No, she's NOT. Stop Laughing!!

SO, for tonight, I will sit and sip my glass of Pinot Grigio and try to squelch the desire to drive across town and punch a much deserving someone in the throat. After all, what would the kids think?

Setting a good example may not be the most satisfying thing in the immediate but it is the most gratifying in the end.

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  1. RAWR. Taking the high road can suck, but...good for you, chica. The low road is just ugly and bloody.

    *hugs luff and MOAR WINE*