That would be me

That would be me

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whoever said theatre was all fun and games should be slapped.

Today, I spent 9 hours doing publicity crap for The Last 5 Years. 9 hours of press release writing, hunting down the contact info for the various Seattle/Tacoma publications and websites, filling out “Event Submission” forms and emailing various theatre companies in the area. 9 hours of writing the exact same information 25 different ways and staring at my teeny netbook screen until my eyes wanted to pop out of my head. 9 hours of the most boring, tedious work imaginable. All while tending to two sick kidlets and one sick-ish Bruce.

And it was all completely necessary.

The thing many people forget is that there is a whole other aspect to theatre. The audience gathering. Audiences don’t have special sensory perception that allows them to magically know that there is something entertaining and “important” happening at a certain venue.  They need to be notified somehow and that is a science (and a chore) in and of itself.

And so I spent the hottest day (so far) of the year crouched over a keyboard and now my brain is too mushy to come up with a witty blog entry for today after having spent the entire day “writing.” Maybe down the road, I won’t have to do the grunt work myself but this is how it is for the time being and so I shall make my best efforts to give the same focus and attention to the hunting and gathering as I do to the performing.  

After all, without an audience there is no point in doing the show in the first place.

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