That would be me

That would be me

Thursday, August 5, 2010

(Not So) Humble Beginnings

I know what you are thinking . . .

"Good GOD, do we really need another blog from some nobody actress who thinks she can write?"

I know that you are thinking it because as I am writing this - I am thinking the exact same thing. No, we really don't. Here's the thing though. My take on things. Ponder this (or don't) as you will.

Sami has to STOP verbal vomiting on Facebook.

That pretty much is what this experiment boils down to. As I approach the Big 4-0 in this ridiculous business and have, of late, taken a far more serious approach to my acting/theatre career, I have been discovering that I am the QUEEN of saying stupid crap on Facebook that inevitably bites me in the butt later. Whether I offend a director that I may or may not care about working with again or if my producing partner has (legitimate) fears about how my spewing makes us as a theatre company look to the rest of the world, my "need" to give my opinion about all things theatre has had repercussions.

"Well, yes, Sami, but people will read it here too. Ding dong."

That would be the HOPE at least. The main difference is HERE my oh-so-colorful opinions will only be read by those with at minimum a passing curiosity of what I have to say. NOT each of the nearly 1000 people who have deigned me quote-unquote interesting enough to "friend."

"Then why call it Mommy, the Actress?"

Because I am a: a Mommy. Of FIVE to be exact. And b: I am an actress. Being the one ALWAYS effects the other and I am eternally wondering if being both does not detrimentally effect each. Not that I can do a whole lot about it now - should have thought that one through previously - but it is still worth discussion in my relatively humble opinion.

So there you have it. More to follow. TRUST me on this one.


  1. Sami will learn to edit BEFORE posting. Oh, and yes, she DOES like to write in third person.

  2. I tried writing in third person. It doesn't work for me :( But I too love the title!!